Les actions en cours

Pour suivre l'état d'avancement du Contrat Rivière Caramy-Issole, vous pouvez sélectionner ci-dessous les actions actuellement en cours.


Action B4 of the Rivers Contract
After a first phase of work carried out in 2015, the CCCP carries out a second phase of work on the upstream sectors of Caramy and Issole.
The work is carried out from downstream to upstream. For the Caramy, they will start at the beginning of October at the level of the D43 bridge in the commune of Brignoles and will finish at Mazaugues, 23 km. Concerning Issole, the works will be carried out from Sainte Anastasie to Mazaugues.
The purpose of this work is to regenerate the riverbank, regulate invasive species and restore the hydraulic capacity of the minor bed. The collection of waste is systematic. All anthropogenic waste (picnic remains, scrap metal, tires, water heaters ...) are removed and landfilled. The removal of natural jams is not systematic, some do not present a risk during flood and are veritable ecological niches for the ichtyofaune and the macro invertebrate fauna. The jams constituted of waste, wrecks, container ... are dismantled and dumped.
Let us not forget that there are no rivers in good ecological condition without riparian. It is essential in the ecosystem of the river, it filters out runoff, limits the warming of the waters by its shade, offers the lodging and cover to many animal species. It is often the only continuous afforestation in our agricultural plain.

You can follow the progress of these works on the following map (click on the image to enlarge it) [Click and drag to move]
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The study Ecological continuity and irrigation canals

Strategic study of continuity in relation to canals of sprinklers: under development
(Action B2-1 of the River Contract)
This study should make it possible to identify the real stakes for the good ecological status of our rivers and optimize the management of water through canals. Solutions for the improvement, rehabilitation or saving of water will also be provided.
This study, planned over 18 months, takes place in 4 phases:
Phase 1: knowledge of structures and flow measurement campaign (June 2016 + fall 2016)
Phase 2: characterization of biological, socio-economic and regulatory issues ...
Phase 3: Impact Analysis and Prioritization of Structures
Phase 4: Recommendations and scenario proposal

Hydrogeological study of the Caramy-Issole watershed

Hydrogeological study of the Caramy-Issole watershed: ongoing
Action D1-1 of the River Contract
The Caramy-Issole watershed experiences many drought situations (current situation). The Issole and even the Caramy are in certain places totally dry several months of the year. Also, this hydogeological study was launched at the beginning of 2016 to better understand these phenomena and to initiate actions of sharing and management of water. It will result in the location of strategic areas and the definition of rules for the protection of water resources.
This study is carried out in 3 phases:
Phase 1: Establish the state of the hydrogeological situation of the watershed following two measurement campaigns carried out in June 2016 and in the autumn)
Phase 2: Characterization of strategic areas and issues
Phase 3: Propose actions to preserve the resource